» » Advertisement for REET to be issued in First week of October

As per source of News paper The Ministry of State (Rajasthan) state for education vasudev Devnani has claimed than Advertisement for Recruitment cum Eligible Exam for Teachers (REET) will be issued in the first week of October. Approx 30,000 Grade-3rd Teacher will be recruiter through REET by RBSE.

                 The Minister has made such claims twice in past but this time RBSE has confirmed that it has started preparation for REET. Devnani also said that there are still some quarries by finance department which need to be report by education department. He claimed that September 30 the education department will get an approval for Recruitment of 30,000 Teachers and then in first week of October the department will issue Recruitment official Notification. 

                                            On the other hand, RBSE chairman professor BL choudhary told that the board has not received any formal communication from the state government regarding the conduct of REET exam.

News source: DNA news paper of date 24-09-2015 page No: 14

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