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Rajasthan: - Exam center to be monitored through cctv camera and tablets the exam for Rajasthan of secondary education(RBSE) is going to kick off from march 3and would conclude  on march 29 A district  level examination coordination committee. will be constitute for smooth completion of the examination. The district collector will be the chairman of the committee while superintendent of police and district education officer (secretary) also will be the part of the team. During the board exam RESMA (Rajasthan Essential services maintenance Act) will be imposed so the teachers and employees cannot go observe strike. RBSE has been asked the declare all result by 31 may. Around 5,310 centers will be created across the states for the examination.

                   State education minister vasudev devnani chaired a meeting of state-level hi power committee on education at shiksha sankul on Monday. Devnani informed that sensitive and highly sensitive examination centers will be monitored through CCTV cameras and tablets. He said the security arrangement will be more tightened in comparison to last year police personnel will be deployed along with home guards at all the examination nation centers in district.

News source - Full details other information is available at 19-01-2016 DNA News paper at page No. 04

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