why is there a space on tread boards stairs

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Stairs - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.spandrel - If there is not another flight of stairs immediately underneath, the triangular space underneath the stairs is called a "spandrel". It is frequently used as a closet. stairwell - This is the space in the building where the stairs are constructed.

why is there a space on tread boards stairs.how much overhang on stair tread boards - Outdoor WPC Floors Home»WPC Floors» how much overhang on stair tread boards. .. If your stairs will be showing the treads or if there is .. space at the sides for skirt boards and ..

Hidden Room Under the Stairs - Instructables - How to make anything.Introduction: Hidden Room Under the Stairs By gadget-man Follow More by the author: Seems the problem is, there is never enough space. My mission is to find every speck of useful space in my house. knowing that there was a large space under my stairs ..

flooring - Should a skirt board on a stair case be installed over the treads? - Home Improvement Stack Exchange.I am working on a project to replace my stair treads. The current treads show an ugly gap between the end of the tread and the existing skirt board. The current skirt board was installed before the .. Skirt boards are one of the hardest things in my opinion to do. I ..

stair - Goodheart-Willcox.Due to this, there is a trend to move the stairs to a less conspicuous location. Stair construction requires a high degree of skill. The quality of the work should compare with that found in ..

Foyer Stairs: Installing hardwood treads - Building Modern.We decided to install the boards directly on the existing stairs (like you would with flooring), rather than making our own full treads and .. considering. Also its kind of fun to see a summary of what all we were working on at the time: theres the air compressor ..

Stairs: Riser & Tread - Deck Building, Gazebo Building, and Design.If your stairs have the top tread level with the deck/floor then the number of treads is equal to the number of risers. .. The amount and type of reinforcing depends on the location where the stairs attach. There are four different types of reinforcing approaches ..

Stairs - Wikipedia.There is insufficient space on the narrow portion of the step for the other foot to stand, .. Alternating tread stairs may not be safe for small children, the elderly or the physically challenged. Building codes typically classify them as ladders and will only allow ..

Stair Nosing - Structural engineering other technical topics - Eng-Tips.Why do stairs have a nosing (top of tread extending about 1" beyond the base of the tread)? RE: Stair Nosing JLNJ .. The nosing provides clearance space for your heel to drop on the tread. If there were no nosing, your heel might hit the riser and you will RE: ..

physical - Why do stairs have overhangs? - User Experience Stack Exchange.Why do stairs have overhangs? up vote 21 down vote favorite 6 Most stairs (at least here in the US) .. The nosing provides clearance space for your heel to drop on the tread. If there were no nosing, your heel might hit the riser and you will stumble forward (and ..

Stair Stringers: Calculation and Layout JLC Online Staircases.The code requires stairs to have a minimum space of 36 inches for a landing at the bottom of a straight run of stairs. Add this 36 inches to the total run distance to confirm that you have enough space for the landing. If there is less than 36 inches (measured you ..

Deck Stairs.In this case, you would just subtract off the thickness of the tread material since clearly there isn't any finish flooring like carpeting or hardwood floor at the base of the stairs. ..

Harpur Hill, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 9JN.resistance of the tread is too low at this point then there may be a risk of slipping (Roys, 2001). Injuries To fall down stairs is not only to fall off a cliff, but to fall on rocks below, for the nosing of ..

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why is there a space on tread boards stairs