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Screened Porch Systems vs Building a Screened Porch - -.DIY project, or the repercussions for that matter, you also have the option to hire a professional to screen in your porch or covered patio space. Not only can they inspect and assess your current structure, but they can also guarantee their work. At Patio ..

Is it a Porch or a Patio? - The Phoenix Real Estate Guy.Is it a porch or a patio? The Phoenix real estate guy breaks it down for you. .. Jay, we have a lot of front (and side) porches in the Carolinas and we call them porches, verandas and piazzas. We have screened porches and some covered porches in the rear.

Deck vs. Patio: What's the Difference? - Now from Nationwide .Deck vs. Patio: Whats the Difference and Which One is Right for You? Two worthy outdoor opponents. .. The difference between a deck and patio A deck is an open outdoor porch or platform without a roof that extends from a house. On the other hand, a patio ..

What is the Difference Between a Patio and a Porch?.Another main difference between a patio and a porch is that a patio is usually built at ground level from bricks, concrete slabs, or tile. A porch, on the other hand, can be made from concrete or wood and is level with the front of the house. This may mean that it sits ..

What Is The Difference Between A Porch, Balcony, Veranda,Patio And Deck?.A patio is usually not made of wood. It is made of concrete or stone. It is for entertaining. Many modest homes have patios. A veranda is a large porch, usually with a roof, sometimes enclosed. You find verandas on very large, expensive homes ..

What is the difference of " deck, porch, and patio"? Yahoo Answers.A deck is usually raised off the ground and made of wood. A porch is always attached to a house, usually at the front or back, usually covered, and is smaller than a deck. A patio can be anywhere, next to the house or not, and is usually a harder surface like ..

What's the difference between a lanai, a patio, a porch, and a veranda? - Quora.A porch is a structure that is attached to a house that serves as a place to sit or as an access to the house. It can be large enough to accommodate various furniture, like chairs, a settee, table, etc. A porch might be screened in or even enclose..

Building a Porch vs. a Patio - Networx.Are you thinking of hiring a deck builder to build a new porch or deck for your house? While it could be a good investment, it might not be the most effective expenditure. If you need to landscape your yard as well as create an outdoor living space for yourself, a patio ..

What is the difference between a lanai and a patio? - Quora.A porch is a roofed area which covers the entrance to a house or building. Lnai is a word of Hawaiian origin that includes a porch, but can also include a patio (a paved outdoor area adjoining the house) or veranda (a roofed, open air deck with ..

Sunroom vs. Screened Porch - - - Sunrooms, Three Season Rooms, Solariums, Screen Rooms & Patio Rooms Patio Enclosures.Learn the differences between a sunroom and a screened in porch or patio. .. If you live in a four season climate, making the most of your outdoor space when weather permits is usually a high priority. However, the elements and pesky insects can often interfere ..

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porch versus patio